VitalPBX - just as simple to use as 3CX without call limitations

Post date: Jun 19, 2018 6:57:29 PM

Because I am a big time conference operator, the free 8 simultaneous calls plan from 3CX was great. You only got the one trunk, but you could use 3CX's awesome softphones.

Unfortunately, 3CX changed it's licensing to take a different approach: more trunks but fewer simultaneous calls. Which is great for like 90% of home and small business users. I am thinking of swapping my home PBX over to it. In the case of my conference server, I only need one trunk, but I need all the concurrent calls I can get.

I hit up Nerd Vittles to see what other options were available to me and I settled on VitalPBX. It has a couple of quirks, but it's every bit as simple to use as 3CX. I was able to get the whole thing built, virtual server and all, in about an hour or so. The conference calling part doesn't let you set up random rooms like 3CX does, but what that does do is let me set up multiple rooms that are separated by DID, or I could use an IVR to list the available rooms. I haven't decided which.