Using AIM to send text messages

Post date: Oct 8, 2015 4:28:04 AM

I don't know who still uses AOL, but I was messing with it the other night and it turns out you can send texts to mobiles and receive them in AOL Instant Messenger.

I haven't covered much with SMS because Batman and Robin didn't text in the 60's, but I hadn't considered an SMS only version of the batphone. I use Google Voice as my primary phone number, so I mostly use the GV app on my smartphone, and the GV site on my computer for SMS, but I also have my prepaid burner set up to receive texts from my primary GV number. This way, if my smartphone is dead or missing, I don't have to tell anyone to reach me at an alternate number.

I also have a GV account that I use for hacker conferences like Defcon, where I hand out calling cards, usually drunk. I use Talkatone on my smartphone to receive texts and calls on my smartphone, or the GV website for texting and calling from my computer.