072715 - Site Design Changes and a New Blog

Post date: Jul 27, 2015 2:09:02 AM

Hello dear reader. I have used this domain for a long time as a kind of placeholder for other projects, mostly related to telephones. After a bit of drama with an expired domain and Google Apps, I redid the site's layout to be more manageable.On another blog, I noticed that a great many of my posts were me ranting about the current couture in mobile phones. Rather than keep apologizing for all of the phone-dominated rambling, I thought I would do it here.I have left the static content about alternative telecommunications in place. I would like to write about mobile phones and VOIP in this space, and perhaps come up with more things to add to the static pages.

This site is a work of parody. I am a huge fan of Batman, almost as much as I love phones. When I was a lead in a call center, my coworkers referred to my assist line as "The Batphone". Ever since then, I have jokingly referred to as any VOIP line that I have set up as "the batphone."

So keep an eye on this space, and I will update it from time to time with fun telephone-related discoveries, and rants about mobile phones :-)