Portable Speakerphones A.K.A Yorick Mode

Post date: Jan 31, 2018 3:18:29 PM

My new Pixel 2 has fallen victim to the notorious microphone malfunction bug, though in my case blowing into the mic doesn't fix anything. The phone works fine otherwise, and it's probably the best phone I have ever owned. Oddly enough, the phone also works fine on speakerphone, which leads me to my rant today: using a mobile on speakerphone.

My name for using a handheld phone of any kind on speaker phone is Yorick Mode because it makes you look like Hamlet when he talks to Yorick's skull.

A long time ago, I was at the student union at school and I guess my phone was dead or had no signal because when my daughter called me, I got the call via Google Hangouts on my little netbook. Because I had no headset or anything with me, I had to take the call holding the laptop and speaking closer into the tiny mic. It felt like a scene from Hamlet and I have called it that ever since.

Because I use Google Voice for my primary phone number, I end up taking calls on my smartphone only about half of the time. I have calls forward to desk phones at my office at work and my office at home, which is where I am roughly half of the time. Also, my car has hands free Bluetooth, which thankfully isn't affected by the microphone bug, so I can take calls in my car when necessary, until I get my phone fixed.

This is another reason why I want my mobile "phone" to be a transceiver that I can connect to with other devices. The broken mic on my smartphone means that getting it fixed will probably relegate me to my batburner for a few days which really impacts my ability to play Animal Crossing.