Post date: Sep 23, 2016 10:05:23 AM

092316 - 'Exploding The Phone' Is The Ultimate Book About Phones

A while back, I read Exploding The Phone and for me it was a real page turner. It's all about the underground history of the telephone. From the criminals for whom the phone was an essential tool, to the phreaks who made it their personal playground, to the counter-culture types who saw it as a way to protest the Vietnam War, the phone was so much more than a way to talk to other people.

If you are in to phones (and if you aren't what the hell are you doing on this site? there's no porn here!) then this book is pretty much required reading. It goes into the electrical engineering of the telephone network, the history of the Blue Box, and the community of phreaks that assembled around it.

It's a great mix of history, science, and human interaction. I can't recommend the book enough.