Apple released a smaller iPhone :-)

Post date: Apr 22, 2016 2:58:03 AM

The release of the iPhone SE is a watershed moment in the trend toward ever larger phones. It is also a bit of vindication for this blog's criticism of that trend. Now, if we could only erase a bit of the stigma that surrounds non-smart phones we could be getting somewhere :-)

Personally, I am not as fond of iOS as I am of Android for phones. Nothing against iPhone users -I know and love many of them - I just find iOS to be too restrictive for my tastes.

The one thing that keeps me considering an iPhone is Facetime. Just about every person I know that does video chat does it via Facetime. It makes me want to consider upgrading my batburner to an unlocked iPhone. The iPhone SE's somewhat lower price tag has me considering an SE instead of the older (and significantly cheaper) iPhone 4s.

Of course I say that I am considering all this, but when I think about spending multiple hundreds of dollars on a phone that is dedicated to video chat and the occasional text or call when my Android phone is dead or forgotten somewhere, it's not really a consideration :-)