Phase 3: Hardware

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

You can do a lot cool things with VOIP software, but there is nothing that says "subversive telecommunications" like ringing a real telephone. Depending on what purpose your Batphone will be serving, you may need a physical device. Perhaps you want a phone on your desk for srs bsns. Maybe you have discovered that you need a home phone even though you cut the cord years ago. Maybe you are in the market for a batburner. Here are a few gadgets that can help you turn your Batphone in to a "real" phone.

Using software on a PC, tablet or smartphone has its place, but if you want to use your batphone for long periods of time, a speakerphone or headset may prove invaluable. There is also something to be said for the convenience of picking up a phone and dialing a number instead of opening an app on a smartphone or a program on a computer, especially if you have a friend or relative who isn't into VOIP like you are.